The Productive Peasant Farm Co. is happy to open up an apprenticeship/internship opportunity for 1-2 individuals looking to gain on-farm training and experience in the most up-to-date organic farming techniques. Our half-acre bio-intensive production practices allow us to maintain a profitable farming operation with relatively low start-up costs and efficient production. It is a highly-replicable model that can be employed by those seeking to start up their own farming operations on a limited land and financial scale.


Training includes:


  • Land and raised bed preparation

  • How to grow and market the most profitable crops, such as salad mixes, arugula, spinach, radishes, beets, baby turnips (we grow a total of 15 different crops and numerous varieties of each)

  • How to use the most modern small-scale farming equipment for maximum efficiency, including:

    • The Quick Cut Greens Harvester

    • Flame Weeders

    • Multi-row seeders

    • The Neversink Tools Gridder (for quickly marking out planting patterns)

    • Season extension techniques that allow you to grow crops earlier and later in the season than most, allowing you higher prices for greater profitability

    • The use of tarps and lightweight weeding equipment for quick and easy no-till bed turnovers

    • Greens bubbler and Salad spinner (for washing and processing salad greens)

  • Organic methods for addressing insect pests (primarily through the use of insect netting but also includes limited use of organic sprays)

  • Crop planning and rotation

  • For those serious about starting their own farms, I will also take time during the late fall/early winter to share materials on:

    • How to plan your entire farming season for planting, harvesting and marketing

    • Financial planning for your farm start-up

    • How to get a business loan for your own small-farm start up

    • Choosing from different CSA models, or designing your own


This is an unpaid apprenticeship/internship. However, you will benefit greatly from the farming education you receive, particularly if you are interested in starting your own farming operation in the future. You will also be given access to some fresh veggies straight from the farm. Finally, as we are currently looking into securing access to a farmer’s market in 2022, interns who demonstrate a serious interest in farming and a solid work ethic will be at the front of the line for employment with the farm next year.


Our main work days are Mondays and Thursdays, with shorter hours on Wednesdays as well. Hours are flexible, but priority will be given to candidates who can intern 6am-2pm on Mondays and Thursdays, and 6am-10am on Wednesdays.


Some farming experience is preferable, but we are happy to train eager individuals with a serious interest in starting their own small-scale farming operations even if you have no experience.


Ideal Candidates will have:

  • a serious interest in organic farming

  • a commitment to handling all produce with end consumers’ health and satisfaction in mind

  • a strong work ethic – farming is hard work, no matter what efficiency-increasing tools you have at your disposal

  • a valid driver’s license, or at least their own transportation to and from the farm located at 82 Peach Lane, Ronks)

  • Teachability and a commitment to following instructions

  • A willingness to ask questions if they are uncertain of how to carry out a task

  • An ability to work at least one month on the farm, though three months is preferable.



This internship is open now. To indicate your interest, please send an email to with the following:


  1. Two-to-three paragraphs on why you are interested in the position

  2. How long you would like to spend as an apprentice/intern (one-three months) and when you are available to begin

  3. Your phone number and times when you can be reached for a phone conversation or a visit to the farm