DELIVERY ELIGIBLE FOR RESIDENTS IN THE FOLLOWING ZIP CODES: 17601, 17602, 17603, 17543, 17512, 17368 ,17551, and 17579. Deliveries will be made Tuesday evenings from October 4 to Thanksgiving Week. You may also pick up at our market stands at the Columbia Market House on Saturdays (7am-3pm) or the Fresh Market at Hershey Towne Square on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays (8am-4pm). THANKSGIVING WEEK IS FREE CHOICE! Read on....

Our popular Small Family Salad and Side Dish CSA is now available in the Fall!! Every Tuesday, we will make a box of produce for you consisting mainly of produce from our farm, occasionally supplemented with produce from other local chemical-free farms and food vendors. You will receive a 5oz bag of our custom salad mix, fixings for salads (such as carrots, radishes, and other items available locally in season), along with in-season produce for 2-3 side dishes. Each box will be built around 2-3 recipes which will be emailed to you at least 48 hours prior to delivery, along with information on what will be in the box and what items you would need to have on hand if you wanted to make the recipes we provide.


The week of Thanksgiving is the one exception. We don't want to impose on your special meal. Therefore, you will receive a $35 credit to our online store and can choose whatever you want delivered on the Tuesday prior to the big day!


This Fall we plan to have available: salad mix, spinach (baby and mature), arugula, swiss chard, a variety of radishes (red, purple, watermelon and purple daikon), carrots, beets (red, golden and candy cane), sugar snap peas, scallions, brussels sprouts, leeks, winter squash, kalettes, kale, parsnips, mini cabbages, celery root, kohlrabi, turnips (baby salad and large purple and white), rutabaga and fresh herbs. AND, if we have a mild fall and the frost holds off until at least mid-October, we should still have some tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, eggplants and bell peppers available early in the CSA season! We will occasionally include items from other items - such as potatoes and sweet potatoes - from other local farmers we know and trust.


Please read more about our CSA on our website's CSA page. The cost of the CSA program is $250. Those choosing home delivery pay a one-time $50 delivery fee for the season.

Fall CSA - 8 Weeks