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Bringing Fresh Produce Straight to Your Door

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Visit the "Store" tab to view which of our products are currently available and purchase what you want delivered easily and securely.

We offer only local, in-season produce, nearly all of which comes straight from our farm. The only item we offer that is not chemical-free is sweet corn, as noted in the item description.

Minimal Delivery Fees for Fresh, Chemical-free and Locally-Grown Produce

We charge a nominal fee of $5.00 for delivery. However, the delivery fee is waived for orders of $40.00 or more!

17033, 17003, 17036, 17078,  17368, 17042, 17512

Zip Codes

Customers in these zip codes can receive delivery straight to their door on Wednesday evenings. Orders must be placed by Sunday night at midnight.

Picked to Order Produce

All items coming from our chemical-free farm are picked no more than 48 hours prior to delivery, and many items will be picked the very day of delivery!

(Does not apply to storage items such as potatoes, garlic, etc.)

17601, 17602 and 17543

Zip Codes

Customers in these zip codes can receive Friday evening deliveries. Orders must be placed by Sunday at midnight.

Direct Interaction with your Farmers

Have a question about a product? Wish to leave special instructions? You can always contact us directly through the Contact option below, and Jason will get back to you promptly so you can shop with confidence.


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